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What about us? 

We pride ourselves in getting coffee back to its simplest, freshest form. Using our 100 year old roasters, we craft a vintage unlike any other. 


Coast Roast | About us | Timeline

2000 - We were just a couple kids who fell in love with an old bank building and decided it would be a great gathering spot and for a coffee shop. Bankhouse Coffee opens its doors.

2006/7 - Getting back up after Katrina was a tough one. Along with the resilient people of our community, we watched our hometown grow one business and family at a time. Proud to say we started roasting coffee with the knowledge shared by our dear friend Bruce Walle.

2008 - Along comes Kevin Pedeaux. He had so much passion for coffee and was completely positive that there was no better coffee out there. Kevin takes Coast Roast out for wholesale distribution. 

2015 - Kevin returns to his roots in New Orleans with Coast Roast @ St. Roch. If you can't catch him in the market, catch him on his weekly show, Coffee with Kevin. 

2016 - Coast Roast Gulfport was built with the sole purpose to showcase who we are: the intersection of both old and new.


We pride ourselves in matching our stores to the areas in which they are built and to the people whom they serve. Gulfport, you've been good to us, so we'll be good to you! 

2012 - After hours of tough negotiations and several King Cakes later, a deal to pair Nonna Randazzo's and Coast Roast was made. Our first joint venture in Ponchatoula, LA, becomes a reality.  

2018 - Warehouse District. New Orleans. Corner of Magazine and Julia. If you can find a more happening spot for a coffee shop, we'll give you a dollar. 


From the founders of the St. Roch Market, Auction House Market is an eclectic food experience situated in the heart of the Warehouse District, and we're proud to be a part of it! 

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